how to recover deleted important files in android devices

My son is already 3 years old, very lovely, I took a picture for him with my Samsung phone the day before yesterday, and the photo was very nice, just as my boss called me and asked me to go back to the company to deal with some things. I had two cell phones and I threw the phone which had the photo file for my son in my bedroom. Yesterday I wanted to get my son’s photo out and edit it with photoshop. I couldn’t find it, and I didn’t know why.

I am a sales engineer, I do not know much technology, I ask a colleague who is a senior software engineer if he can recover my son’s photos from my Samsung phone. He answered me that I can recover the photo by software, he recommend wondershare android data recovery software to me. I downloaded the software and installed it, however I find that I could not recover anything without paying. Finally, I get this software in 10phones. com, the site provides coupon, you can get discount with the coupon with lower price than to get it on wondershare page.

wondershare android data recovery

In fact, there are a lot of android data recovery software, I have not been exposed to these software before, because of my colleague’s recommendation, I didn’t think much about it, I believe him, so I chose wondershare android data recovery software.¬†However the software didn’t let me disappointed, I really got back the photo for my son. And at the same time, I’ve found a lot of this kind of software on the market right now, some software is cheaper than wondershare android data recovery.


After this photo data loss incident, I found that data is very important, important data should always be backed up. Fortunately, Android data recovery software has powerful backup function, you only do some copy-and-paste operations with android data recovery software after connecting your computer with android device by USB interface.

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