how to run windows exe program on android devices

Today, there are a lot of programs running on devices with android systems, but I’m sure there are still more programs on windows than on android. If you have a good program running on windows, it could be developed by someone else or by another company, or by yourself. Now that android phones and tablets are popular, you may want to put your app on your android tablet. You might think it’s impossible at this time. No, that’s fine, but you need to install a virtual machine App on your android system.

You’ve probably had a lot of exposure to virtual machines, such as virtual PC, or very powerful vmware. But I’m sure you probably haven’t heard of virtual machine software that can run on android system. Yes, there is a virtual machine like this, and that is bochs.

bochs on android devices

Bochs was originally only available on windows, a system developed in c / c +. Since the android system came out, the virtual machine has quickly developed programs that can run on android systems.

If you want to run windows PC exe program on android, using bochs is very simple:
step 1, download the android version of the virtual machine program from the bochs’s official home page.
step 2, transfer the bochs program to your android device and install it on your android device.
Step 3, transfer your windows installation iso file to your android device. I recommend Windows XP system
Step 4, run bochs and install the windows system.
Step 5, transfer your exe program to your android device.
Step 6, run the windows Virtual Machine on the bochs App, open your exe program and run it.

Bochs is an open source project that has been developed for many years. This program is very stable. I ran this virtual machine on my Samsung phone, and it never corrupted. The Bochs project continues to grow and optimize.

However, bochs is not the best virtual machine system. In this software, all functions are simulated through c, c +, and it does not make full use of the hardware function. So, if you install bochs on windows, compare it with some typical virtual machine software, such as vmware, you can find that bochs runs slower.

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